Return and Cancellation Conditions

FollowersGet Order Cancellation and Refund Policy
The services offered by FollowersGet are offered through fully automated systems, and our automation systems are arranged in accordance with the policies and conditions of our company.
The cancellation and return conditions of products and services in accordance with our systems and our company's terms and / or conditions are set out below.
1- Social media services (followers, likes, comments, etc.) provided by FollowersGet are offered through fully automated systems.
2- Cancellations and / or refunds cannot be made in accordance with the policies and conditions of our company for orders initiated automatically by the systems.
3- Before the orders you have created are completed, all the responsibility that will arise if the customer purchases the same service from a different company and / or site belongs to the customer.
4- Our company strictly does not accept the responsibilities arising from the updates made by the relevant social media companies, the decrease in the order rate and the closure of your account in the services offered by our company.
5- In the payments made to FollowersGet, refusal from any legal and / or payment provider or FollowersGet has the right to cancel your order if there is a request.
6- It is not possible to return if there is no follower, liking or comment in the amount expected and / or ordered from different companies and / or sites at the same time.
7- The Customer is obliged to verify that the information you have provided to FollowersGet is correct and up to date. FollowersGet cannot be held responsible for the problems that arise due to this reason.
8- FollowersGet does not refund the payments made, the payments made can be used in a different service within the site and / or they can be taken back as coupons.

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